Pre-employment and in-employment screening

Pre-employment and in-employment screening

Pursuant to Articles 3:10 and 3:17 of the Financial Supervision Act, Anker Insurance Company n.v. is obliged to pursue a policy of such adequate nature that sound operational practices are warranted. Part of this policy consists of engaging honourable personnel. In order to warrant that Anker meets the objective as far as possible, the following screening policy has been developed. The screening policy focusses at establishing the correctness of the data provided and at a person’s past with possible fraudulent activities or previous convictions.

The policy is applied to the following new employees to be engaged:

  • all employees, including temporary agency workers and interns,
  • members of the Executive Board,
  • members of the Supervisory Board,

In addition, the policy is applied in case of a change of position from a non-integrity-sensitive position to a position which is considered to be integrity-sensitive.

The pre-employment and in-employment screening consist of the following component parts, carried out by HR:

  • checking the structure of the curriculum vitae,
  • requesting a certificate of conduct for natural persons,
  • enquiring after business interests, if any, outside Anker and a possible conflict of interests (Code of Conduct for Insurers, Financial Supervision Act),
  • requesting original identification papers (valid passport or identity card),
  • requesting original diplomas/certificates; possible verification of authenticity, to be requested at the relevant educational or training institute,
  • requesting references,
  • requesting testimonial, if available,
  • performing a check in the insolvency register,
  • arranging for a non-bankruptcy certificate to be signed,
  • arranging for the performance of a BJZ (youth care office) test by the Dutch Association of Insurers,
  • checking the connection and interrelationship between the information obtained.

The pre-employment and in-employment screening apply for:

  • all employees
  • temporary agency workers
  • interns

Nota Bene: If a person concerned (data subject) is hired in through an external agency, the supplier must certify that the above-mentioned screening has been carried out. If screening has not taken place, a contract will not be concluded as a result.

An additional test will be carried out for candidates for a position in the board of management/the board of directors or in the Supervisory Board. They will undergo testing initiated by De Nederlandsche Bank. Furthermore, a psychological examination or an assessment, with a focus on integrity, may take place. The latter will be conducted by an external agency.

If a candidate/employee fails to pass the screening, a weighing of interests will take place carried out by the HR manager in consultation with the Executive Board.

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