Our new colleague: Dimitrios

Dimitrios, data engineer, colleague

Data Engineer

My name is Dimitrios Kolokotronis. I am coming from Greece and I live in Utrecht. Since October 2021 I work at Anker Insurance Company as a Data Engineer.

Before I choose to join Anker Insurance Company I followed two internships as a Data Scientist. While at the same time I was completing my master’s degree at the Tilburg University. Which means I now hold a bachelor degree in economics and a master in Data Science.

Flexible workplace

I believe that when people are in an environment with the best atmosphere, it is possible to achieve great things in life. This is one of the reasons why I chose Anker Insurance Company as my workplace. It is a company where new ideas are embraced, along with a flexible mindset and open work culture. For example, we have a hybrid working model. For me, this means that I can work where and when I want. To me, this is one of the best combinations within my area of expertise. Especially since I live in Utrecht and our office is in Groningen.

With this flexibility I also have time enough for my personal life. I like to work out and cook. One of my favorite Greek dish is moussaka (like everyone) And currently I’m discovering photography.

The vision and mission of our company, especially for Anker Seacrew Software looks very promising. I can’t wait to be part of this and to make my contribution, to achieve our ambitious plans!

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