Our colleague Cindy: Compliance Officer

Compliance Officer

My name is Cindy Kroeze, and I am 45 years old and joined Anker Insurance Company as a Compliance Officer on May 1. Together with my husband Tom and our children I live in Denekamp.

After graduating, I decided to work in the travel industry before making the switch to the banking and insurance business. After 15 years of working in various management, compliance and risk positions at Rabobank, it was time for a change. Through various career paths and positions, ranging from an insurance company, through a pension provider to a healthcare institution, I found my way to Anker Insurance Company. In an area and a sector that are well known to me. 

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family or having drinks with friends. For me, a glass of rosé completes the moment. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for sushi! In addition, I think it’s important to practice sports, but I can tell that I don’t really make enough time for it. At least I try to swim weekly and will hopefully return to the gym soon.


The reason I chose Anker Insurance Company is the people-oriented approach in their services and the relationship with their employees. These aspects, combined with the small size of the organization, short lines in both the communication and decision making process all contribute to a perfect employer for me.

One of my ambitions is to continue to professionalise Anker Insurance Company in the area of compliance. Several challenges can be found here. Such as anticipating adequately to the continuing and demanding developments. As well as in the area of laws and regulations and technologies, but also in monitoring the interests of the customer and organization.

Innovative organization

During my short time here, I have experienced an organization that is refreshing and innovative in its strategy and way of working. We focus on collaboration with an open and informal culture. Opportunities for self-development and initiatives are numerous. Our colleagues have a clear ” heart for the company ” as well as an eye for people and social aspects. 

I aim to manage the compliance risks in a way that is efficient, customer-friendly and structural, while at the same time being able to act as a guardian, observer and a sparring partner throughout the organization.

” In partnership with all the different divisions, it is my goal to “embed” compliance and risk management as something natural and integrated across the organization. It makes me happy when colleagues experience me as a Compliance Officer and colleague who they will not want to be without.”

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