Change in the board of Anker Insurance

Bert Posthumus is leaving the Board of Directors and Annemiek van Dijk-Bos will become COO

After the departure of Bert Posthumus by the end of December, Annemiek van Dijk-Bos (1983) will join the Board of Directors of Anker Insurance. She will take up the position of COO. Together with the CEO, Sjoerd Zijlstra, Annemiek will form the Board with a view to jointly work on the further expansion of Anker Insurance.

After a career of 36 years in the insurance industry, Bert ceases to be a director. Bert started working as an administrator of the Onderlinge ziektekostenverzeringsmaatschappij ‘Het Noorden’ (a mutual health insurance company) and the Onderlinge Maatschappij tot verzekering van wettelijke werkgeversrisico’s voor Reders ‘Het Noorden’ ( the mutual society for the insurance of employer’s risks for Shipowners) in 1982. In 1991, the health insurance company “Het Noorden” and “Het Anker” merged and he became head of the financial department of the Coöperatieve verzekeringsgroep ‘Het Anker’ (the cooperative insurance group). In 1998 he joined the Board of Directors under the articles of association of Anker. His contribution to the further development and growth of Anker Insurance has been very valuable and important. Bert takes the view that the time has come for him to stand down as director in order to create scope for new élan. In the future Bert will focus on other (social) activities. He will remain involved in Anker Insurance in an advisory role.

Annemiek has been employed with Anker Insurance for more than 10 years. The last three years she has worked as operational manager of Anker Crew Insurance. Before working as an operational manager, Annemiek has gained wide experience in various operational and managerial positions within Anker Insurance. She has acquired knowledge of the insurer activities of Anker Insurance as well as the activities of the distribution partners (authorized representatives and intermediaries) of Anker Insurance. As COO she will be made ultimately responsible in a broad sense for operational matters. A key focus area in this connection is the further development of the insurance solutions and additional services.

Annemiek has the fullest confidence of both the Supervisory Board and her future fellow director Sjoerd Zijlstra. She is an expert and knows her business, is prompted by curiosity, takes on and confers responsibility, she creates support, is resilient, radiates self-confidence and takes a vulnerable attitude, where required.

About Anker Insurance

Anker Insurance is a contemporary insurer with more than a century of experience. Anker Insurance’s focus is on serving specific target groups and on providing niche insurances. Anker Insurance has three principal activities: Anker Crew Insurance, Anker Legal Assistance and Anker Travel Insurance.

Anker Crew Insurance

Anker Crew Insurance provides insurance cover worldwide for crewmembers employed by maritime employers. The insurance provides solutions in case of illness, accidents, occupational disability and death. In addition, Anker Crew Insurance assists employers in areas such as vocational rehabilitation, prevention of absenteeism and computerized data processing. Distribution (sales, provision of advice and guidance) takes place directly as well as through a broker.

Anker Rechtsbijstand (Legal Assistance)

Anker Rechtsbijstand (Legal Assistance) provides private persons, companies and independent workers without employees with guaranteed assistance in case of legal conflicts. Distribution (sales, provision of advice and guidance) takes place through intermediaries, mostly in collaboration with an authorized underwriter.

Anker Travel Insurance

Anker Travel Insurance is the insurer behind the international (student) travel insurances of Swisscare. Through Swisscare, Anker provides students, professionals and other globetrotters, who are abroad for an extended period of time, with a travel insurance tailored to their needs. In addition, in cooperation with authorized insurance companies Anker provides travel insurances in the Netherlands.

(Bert Posthumus, Annemiek van Dijk-Bos and Sjoerd Zijlstra)



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