Annemiek van Dijk-Bos

Annemiek van Dijk-Bos

Annemiek van Dijk - Bos

COO and member of the board

As COO, Annemiek is responsible for the daily management of the operational activities of Anker Insurance Company. With a decisive attitude she combines solution thinking and handling with a balanced looking after the interests of the various stakeholders of Anker Insurance Company.
Annemiek is very experienced and skilled in analysing and improving business processes.
An important task for the COO is the continuous attention for the evolution of the insurance solutions and complementary services of Anker Insurance Company. To a niche and target group insurer this evolution is a matter of life and death, because this enables the company to respond to the specific wishes and needs of its customers and other stakeholders.

About Annemiek van Dijk-Bos (1983)

Annemiek has gained a lot of experience in different operational and supervising functions within Anker Insurance. She has knowledge of both the insurer activities of Anker Insurance Company and the activities of its distribution partners. Annemiek is a calm and enthusiastic personality, she likes to enthusiast others and is at the same time critical when needed. She is able to function well in a strong and continuously changing environment and knows how to carry her colleagues with her in this changing environment. Annemiek has been working for Anker Insurance Company since 2008. Since 2019 in her role as COO.

Additional jobs Annemiek van Dijk-Bos

Besides being board member of Anker Insurance Company n.v. and its subsidiaries, Annemiek is also member of the board of Stichting Vrienden van de Heuvelruiters in Wezep, the Netherlands.

Other occupations

Next to her work, Annemiek finds great pleasure in horse-riding by training her own horse and participating in competitions.

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