Anker Insurance Company has a long history of intensive collaboration with various market players in the Netherlands and abroad. This intensive collaboration constitutes a significant part of Anker’s existence.

Stichting Scheepvaart

The Stichting Scheepvaart is an interest group for Dutch employers and employees in the maritime sector. One of the foundation’s objects is to represent the interests of the employer and employee in merchant shipping and in the sea fishing sector in the area of social security An area of activity which has aspects in common with the activities of Anker Crew Insurance in the Netherlands. That is why Anker Insurance Company provides the Stichting Scheepvaart with administrative and organizational support.

AIM on crew recovery

AIM provides personal guidance to repatriated Philippine crewmembers in the Philippines. From its office in Manila, AIM looks after repatriated crewmembers and arranges transportation, accommodation and medical escort. In order to provide these services to customers worldwide in a proper manner, AIM has representatives in the Philippines and in Europe. Anker Crew Insurance has used these services provided by AIM since the formation of AIM in 2015. With a positive result!

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