Good Governance

Good Governance

Anker Insurance Company has a visible social function, in particular within the maritime sector. The best interests of customers, cooperation partners and employees in combination with thinking driven by continuity has, both from history and from the widely supported in-house culture, always prevailed over short-term thinking and pursuit of profit. Directors, Supervisory Board members and managers and staff members are fully aware that a proper functioning governance structure is necessary for an ethically and economically sound functioning of an insurance company.

Good governance or in other words sound administration and supervision is an important theme in the insurance industry. Stated succinctly, Good Governance has to do with responsible, ethical, professional and transparent management in which continuity and a balanced weighing of interests are the key elements.

Until recently, the most important code of conduct as regards the board of Anker was the Governance Principles – Insurers’ code set up by the Dutch Association of Insurers. Since most of the principles have been incorporated in the meantime in Dutch legislation, the Dutch Association of Insurers has decided that this code of conduct ceases to apply. Two principles which are not clearly included in Dutch legislation are described in the Code of Conduct for Insurers, as drawn up by the Dutch Association of Insurers. These principles deal with the continuing education of directors and supervisory board members and with customer processing in a proper manner. Anker Insurance Company applies these principles.

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