About Anker

People matter most

Anker Insurance Company is a niche insurer. We offer specialized insurance solutions for specific customer groups and for non-standard insurance policies. Our work is based on the idea that ‘People matter most’. We attach great value to personal contact and that communication lines are short. Our customers appreciate our solution-oriented services and our commitment.

Anker Insurance Company has its origins in insuring crew members employed by maritime employers. Worldwide. Under the Anker Crew Insurance flag we support maritime employers with specialized insurance solutions and additional services for the consequences of illness, occupational disability, death and accidents of their crewmembers.

Over the years, Anker Insurance Company has expanded its activities as a niche insurer. Anker Insurance offers specialized insurance solutions in the area of legal assistance, travel and leisure. We do this through a wide network of insurers and brokers, nationally and internationally.

Our course

‘People matter most’ means that the relation with our customers and cooperation partners are of prime importance. Therefore, no bureaucratic diversions, we promptly come up with practical solutions. Our services have been developed on the basis of the needs of our customers and partners. As a specialist insurance provider, Anker develops overall solutions for specific target groups. Solutions in which insurances and services are complementary and mutually reinforcing.

Maritime origin

The history of Anker Insurance Company dates back to 1907, when several shipowners in the north of the Netherlands decided to jointly bear the possible consequences involved in risks. They did so on the basis of trust, commitment and reciprocity; core values which Anker still adheres to.

Anker Insurance Company has three principal activities: Anker Crew Insurance, Anker Insurance and Anker Seacrew Software. You can read more about the brands of Anker Insurance Company hereinafter.

A niche insurance company created to help people

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