About Anker

A niche insurance company, created to help people

Our history dates back to 1907. When a group of shipowners from the Northern Netherlands decided to finance the care of sick and incapacitated crew members. Acting on the basis of trust, commitment and reciprocity. Fundamental principles that still determine our identity.

Under the banner of Anker Crew Insurance we support maritime employers in taking care of their crew members. By providing them with insurance solutions for illness, disability, death and accidents.  Worldwide. Additionally, with Anker Seacrew Software we offer crew management tools.

Over the years, we expanded our insurance activities. Under the brand of Anker Insurance we offer, through our partner network, insurance solutions in the areas of legal assistance, travel and leisure. Whereby Anker Rechtshulp provides assistance with legal problems since 1970.

A niche insurance company created to help people

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