A journey against plastic soup

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As a company, we are more than the insurance solutions and services we offer. For us, it is about our relationship with our surroundings, our clients, our colleagues, the Netherlands and the world. The fact that we exist today means that we have influence now, and we cannot and will not run away from that. That is why we support various (international) social projects and due to our North Netherlands roots we like to contribute to cross-regional initiatives, that have a national or international impact.

We recently renewed our policy on sponsoring and set out to find partners and initiatives that match our mission and vision. One such initiative is Sterke Yerke. A Friesian organisation dedicated to keeping our oceans clean since 1974. Worldwide! In the coming two years, we will sponsor Sterke Yerke in their quest. The combination of our maritime history and our own mission and vision has enabled us to find a great organisation to contribute to make the world a little better!

A journey against plastic soup
At the start in 1974, Sterke Yerke focused on the oil pollution in the sea, but nowadays they focus on the use of plastic and its devastating effects on our oceans and marine life. The Sterke Yerke IV, a self-built raft, is used to measure the amount of plastic in the sea. The Wadden Sea and North Sea are the first to go. After that, they will sail the European waters and oceans. They especially like to create awareness of this worldwide problem and to stimulate the people themselves to take action. This is a problem that affects everyone, everywhere. The plastic disintegrates into invisible micro particles and ends up in our food and drinks, for example. It also gets into the air, which means we even breathe it in!

Would you like to know more about Sterke Yerke and their great mission? Check out www.sterkeyerke.nl

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